Kelli Street
An interactive web map we made for Startup Weekend Seattle 2012. I designed the website and developed most of the front-end

TEDxUofW Program
TEDxUofW Program
Managed the design of the TEDxUofW Program: guided its development and coordinated the team that put it together. Ensured it was aligned with the TEDxUofW brand (click image for full PDF)

natya poster
Natya Poster
Photographed and designed the promo poster for the Natya Dance Team

contributors infographic
UW Contributors Infographic Concept
Designed this concept to visualize UW’s annual report to contributors (click image for full PDF)

UW law infographic
UW Law School Infographic
The UW Law School was looking for a modern, organized visual way of representing their data to donors to compare UW to other notable law schools. I condensed several pages’ worth of data into a one-page set of bar graphs and color-coded it to compare the revenues and reserves between law schools. (click image for full PDF)

UW Factsheet
UW Fact Sheet
Updated and improved the UW fact sheet, revising graphics and making improvements to its design. (click image for full PDF)