Podcasts are one of my favorite ways of learning and hearing stories. Below are my favorites:

StartUp: A must-listen for entrepreneurs – I find it to be the most authentic podcast I listen to. A podcast about starting a podcasting company is also captivatingly meta.

Note to Self: A fun and addicting podcast that explores how technology affects our lives.

This American Life: Extraordinary stories of ordinary people.

Radiolab: A thought-provoking mix of science and culture where words sounds like music. I consider them the golden standard in podcast production quality.

Planet Money: Makes economics fun and exciting!

The Moth: One of my go-to places to hear stories. You never know what to expect!

StoryCorps: Another one of my go-to places to hear stories. Their episodes are short and easily consumable.

TED Radio Hour: My primary source to keep up with TED Talks – my favorite part how each episode brings together different talks under a unifying theme.

Freakonomics: The Freakonomics book description says it best: “A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything”.

Reply All: A podcast on all things internet.

(and here is a shameless plug for my own podcast, which focuses on life as a twenty/thirty-something in the 21st century)