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Moleskine Classic Notebook (Large, Ruled)

  • Like: great design and a magical, empowering feel. Your best thoughts deserve nothing less
  • Dislike: (n/a)
  • Other: I journal every night and go through a Moleskine every 8-9 months. I have been a loyal customer since January 2009 and consider them the most enjoyable notebook to write in

Smartphone Case: Ringke SLIM

  • Like: slimmest-fitting case I’ve seen, very sleek, great value
  • Dislike: difficult to take on/off. May be too slippery for some
  • Other: used on a Nexus 4 and iPhone 5



External Hard Drive: Western Digital MyBook 2TB

  • Like: USB 3.0 and modern design
  • Dislike: (n/a)

Macbook Stand: mStand Laptop Stand

  • Like: great design, sleek design that matches Apple products
  • Dislike: somewhat pricy
  • Other: perfect fit with my previous laptop (2011 15” Macbook Pro) but my newer laptop (2013 15” Retina Macbook Pro) is slim enough that the stand’s base comes above it. Not a significant issue but slightly bothersome to my OCD side



Compact Camera: Sony NEX-5

  • Like: DSLR quality, highly portable, and great bang for buck
  • Dislike: controls are great for those new to photography but their simplicity are somewhat annoying for DSLR users

CompactFlash Memory Card: Sandisk Extreme 60 MB/s (8/16GB)

  • Like: fast performance and highly reliable
  • Dislike: (n/a)
  • Other: used on a 5D Mk2. 60 MB/s feels fast enough and has performed comfortably under burst shooting/1080p recording

Lens Filters: B+W Clear UV Haze with Multi-Resistant Coating

  • Like: great optical quality
  • Dislike: pricier than most filters
  • Other: used on Canon L lenses


Misc Tech

Travel Surge Protector: Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel with Dual USB

  • Like: highly portable, swivel design, well-designed combination of outlets and USB. Great all-in-one travel surge protector
  • Dislike: (n/a)

Rechargeable Batteries: Energizer

  • Like: highly reliable, still has great charging capacity after years of use, charges quickly
  • Dislike: (n/a)
  • Other: used for computer peripherals (Apple Magic Mouse/Trackpad and Logitech mice) and the Canon 430EX II flash

Audio Cable: Mediabridge 3.5mm

  • Like: sleek, modern design and great value
    Dislike: (n/a)
  • Other: most 3.5mm cables struggle to fit an iPhone/iPad with case but the heads of these are well-designed so they can



Slacks: Ministry of Supply Aero

  • Like: great fit, unbelievably comfortable, very breathable. Outstandingly designed
  • Dislike: pricier than other slacks I’ve owned
  • Other: I have spent years searching for slacks that fit my awkwardly muscular legs. The first time I put these on I knew I had found the perfect dress pants

Casual Dress Shirt: Express 1MX Fitted

  • Like: modern, waste-hugging design and perfect for fit body types
  • Dislike: wrinkles easily



Hydration: Nuun Citrus Tablets

  • Like: hydrates better than water and isn’t “heavy”-feeling like Gatorade/Powerade
  • Dislike: (n/a)
  • Other: used for swimming. Before Nuun I used Propel – I consider the two similar but prefer Nuun because of its slight carbonation and lighter taste

Running Shoes: Vibram Five Finger KMD Sport

  • Like: comfortable and a tight fit that feels like a second skin. Offers great grip and promotes good running form
  • Dislike: gets smelly under constant use, requires weekly washing
  • Other: I have flat feet and really enjoy being barefoot. I have tried a variety of shoes from a variety of brands but found these to be the most comfortable and give me the best running form

Training Swimsuit: Speedo Poly Mesh

  • Like: creates extra drag to improve practice, great design that integrates drag suit (eliminates need for normal suit and drag suit)
  • Dislike: (n/a)



Car to own when you’re in your early 20s: Subaru WRX Hatch

  • Like: AWD, reliable engine, hatchback/4-doors makes for very practical storage, sporty, and VERY fun to drive. Overwhelmingly outdoes similar in its class like the VW GTI, Audi A3, and Mitsubishi Lancer
  • Dislike: while 22mpg average fuel efficiency is better than similarly performing cars, I wish it could be better since it is my daily driver

Air Freshener: Air Spencer CS-X3 (Squash)

  • Like: pleasant scent and modern design
  • Dislike: (n/a)