Where I came from:


My Dad was an electrical engineer, my Mom an Accountant. My family is from Fujian, China, where my grandfather was the village pastor. I was raised as a Christian; my Mom led by example and showed me what it means to work hard, embrace humility, treat everyone respectfully, and give generously without expecting anything in return.

Music and Swimming

I attribute the foundation of my creative/expressive side and early onstage experience to three years of piano and seven years of cello. In high school, I served as Assistant Principal for the Chamber Ensemble. From age 7 to 16, I swam competitively for a local club team. Swimming is one of the key experiences that taught me the importance of hard work; my team’s mantra was “If it is to be, it is up to me.” In high school, I served as swim team captain and helped lead our team to placing second at state. Music and swimming are what shaped the foundation of who I am today, and much of my mindset towards life has been influenced by the lessons I learned in those two activities.

High School

In high school, I took a very business-oriented path and enrolled in all the Accounting/Marketing classes my school offered. One of my most influential mentors was my Accounting and Marketing teacher, whom I had for all four years of high school. I served as Washington DECA State President my senior year and started my high school’s table tennis club. I was never a very social person, but my fascination with ideas and learning led to a total immersion into books. I read about everything from behavioral economics and consumer behavior to pop-psychology and team leadership.


I began college as an Business (Accounting concentration) and Psychology double degree. Spring quarter of my sophomore year, I shifted directions to drop my Accounting concentration and Psychology major in pursuit of General Business and Informatics. Freshman and sophomore year, I began my obsession with photography by frequently volunteering for almost any event/organization that wanted me. Sophomore year, I served as the Assistant Director for UW Leaders, which is an ASUW (student government at the University of Washington) program focused on developing the next generation of student leaders at UW.

I graduated in Spring 2013 with a double degree in Business Administration and Informatics. My mentality in the Business School was focused towards learning the rules so I knew how to break them: safe, traditional business mindsets are boring to me but I’m eager to understand them so I know how the business world works. I was drawn to entrepreneurship and learned the most from a business consulting class where I consulted for Apptio. In Informatics, I studied the interaction between humans, information, and technology. Combining the two, my goal is to fuse a sound business understanding with a well-developed skillset in shaping the future of technology.

Continuing with my creative pursuits from my childhood cello and piano, I interned at UW Advancement Communications as their first Design Intern. Following that I served as the social media and photography manager for UW Student Life. I was Founding Co-Curator for the first ever TEDxUofW and a consultant for Montlake Consulting. Additionally, I served on the board of the National Youth Association.


Where I am:

In September 2013, I began with Accenture as a Systems Integration Analyst. In my spare time, I enjoy driving my Subaru WRX, photography, and maintaining my education through TED Talks, events like Startup Weekend, and reading every issue of Wired.


Where I want to go:

My passions lie within startups, innovation, and technology. I am far from being the best programmer or designer, but I love to solve problems and explore creative solutions. I used to pursue careful, meticulous planning but now I embrace the mentality of a wanderer. Ultimately, my ambitions lie within launching a hardware startup or working for an organization like IDEO or TED.