BLL #6: Cello

Note: Today I did something a little different. Instead of writing as one object, I wrote as my stepdad’s three cellos. I did my best to not only describe them, but to speak in their “voice”.

As an Italian cello, I come from the birthplace of our kind. Unlike cellos from just about every other country in the world, us Italian cellos aren’t produced on an assembly line or in a factory. We are carefully handmade. No two of us behave the same. I am Li’s go-to performance instrument because of my powerful room-filling sound and deeply resonating tone. My orange-brown color (a defining characteristic of Italian cellos) and pronounced ridges are tribute to the highest quality wood that I’m constructed out of. I’m not an easy cello to play, but I will reward any capable hands that use me. Only the very best players are worthy of using me. I am a demanding cello for demanding players. Like a Ferrari is built for the track, I am made for the stage.

Li found me in the corner of an antique store and saw potential in my cracked and broken body. He fixed me up and lovingly restored me to working order, and I have done my best to reward him with a rich and warm tone that only an aged cello can produce. Germany is my origin. My dark brown body and worn back make me stand out as the the oldest of the group. With my age, I am patient and forgiving. Unlike the Italian cello, I don’t thrive on the stage. I hate attention and prefer to play unnoticed. My sound is most appropriate for a funeral or wedding, events of emotion where character takes priority over presence and power.

HEY! I’m the youngest, biggest, and rowdiest of the group. The other two might even call me obnoxious. They just don’t know how to have fun! My French makers designed me as a wide-bodied cello: while I’m of similar height I am noticeably broader than your typical cello. Li refers to me as a “burning” cello for my bright and bold sound. I will get in your face and roar as loud as my player is willing to go. Other cellos (especially the orch dorks) know not to mess with me because when it comes my turn to solo I will drown them out like a bowling ball crashing through pins. One of my favorite places to play is outside, where most cellos’ sounds get lost without walls to resonate off of. Not me! My power is overwhelming. If you play me you better buckle up because it’s going to be a rollercoaster of a ride. KABOOM BABY!

[about the BLL project]

Since I don’t start Accenture until September, I’ve got some free time on my hands. One of the ways I’ve decided to use this period is to exercise my creative writing with a mini-series focusing on everyday objects around us. My goal is to imagine what the things around us, such as our smartphones, would say if they could speak. Through these short stories, I’ll offer my commentary on how these objects affect our lives.

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