San Francisco

California has been an adventure.

A few things I did these past few days:

  • Stayed up until 4:30am working on our app
  • Delivered a pitch to 150+ people and a panel full of judges
  • Met a ton of awesome hackers/developers/geeks
  • Made the pilgrimage to the Googleplex
  • Enjoyed $1 milk tea
  • Gone out for delicious desserts at midnight
  • Biked through Golden Gate Park

Overall, San Francisco and Silicon Valley have been an amazing experience. I vaguely remember visiting when I was young, but this trip is my first time experiencing it through the context of the startup world. It is nothing short of phenomenal. The energy and excitement is addictive; the ideas and innovation ubiquitous.

It’s hard to believe that I had only begun my involvement with startups one year ago. Looking back, it’s been a roller coaster of a journey and I only expect it to become even better. For the longest time, I thought I would become a consultant or work in a large corporation like Google or Deloitte. But after experiencing the Bay Area, I’m starting to consider coming to the California after graduation. The challenge of startups is something I’m naturally drawn to, and the allure of being in the technology capitol of the world is quite an enticing thought.

What started as a spontaneously attended weekend hackathon has turned into a potentially life-changing eye-opener. Who knows, in one year I might call The Valley home.