Tulou Adventures (Part 2)

Part 1

More highlights from Tulou! Since Part 1, I’ve shared beer with more amazing China ex-pats, played cello for the locals, survived a power outage, and played with some of the local children.

foggy hills

^ Foggy morning hills of the countryside

bamboo creations

^ The set of incredible bamboo creations by the same artist in Part 1


^ Beer with new friends- all ex-pats living in China who speak fluent Mandarin


^ Our awesome driver who drives a fully loaded Toyota Highlander, which apparently costs 3x what it does in the US!


^ One of the local fruits. Texture like a raspberry/blackberry mix and ultra delicious


^ Tulou at night


^ Dana, Samantha, and Anna: the organizers who put Tulou Open House together!


^ The gigantic pot of rice the locals cooked for lunch- this fed 80+ people!


^ Eating breakfast