Tulou Adventures

Having a blast in Fujian! Highlights: drinking tea with local natives, riding motorcycles down country roads, eating vegetables grown less than a mile away, hanging out with my cousin’s Yale alum friends, meeting a bunch of amazing design/creative types here to be inspired by Tulou, and waking up at 6am to enjoy the mornings. It’s been so refreshing to get away from the city: no cell phone, limited internet access, and fresh countryside air.

Some highlights below- see Part 2 here!

The Tulou we took over!

^ The Tulou we took over

Mom's Tulou

^ The Tulou my Mom and family spent 11 years in


^ Endless fields (the view from the front door of our Tulou)


^ Country Breakfast: Congee with assorted vegetables

take out

^ Take out dinner in the countryside


^ Motorcycles: vehicle of choice for these country roads

Tea Leaves

^ Tea Leaves


^ First rain since I got here

bamboo cups

^ One of the artist’s creations: bamboo cups

working at night

^ My cousin Lala working in the common room

talking with chicken

^ Getting to know my new chicken friend!

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